Daniel Brugh

music teacher, composer, audio engineer


Piano performance training, music theory, music history, piano technique and composition education for students at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.


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Daniel Brugh

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Students are individuals. It is my goal to help students discover what music means to them, and what role music will have in their lives in a fun, engaging and meaningful way. As a teacher I open doors for students to take ownership through piano performance and study of music theory, music history, piano technique and composition. Critical thinking and listening helps create the ultimate goal: self-esteem. Each year students participate in festivals and recitals to become part of a music community. Students can choose from a number of competitive and non-competitive activities such as studio recitals, OMTA Syllabus, Federation Festivals and the Young Composers Project (Fear No Music). I believe in creating a musical community through continual education for myself as well as my students
Review of Bha Hum Bug: An artistic arranger takes a tired, old tune and make it sound fresh and new again. Just when you thought you knew what Jingle Bells sounds like, along comes Bha Hum Bug! The tune is here set in a minor key with a lyrical first section. And then comes a rousing, staccato second section—still in a minor key! This is a very clever and musical arrangement for pianists at an intermediate or advanced level. You'll be humming along to Hum Bug.

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